f(x) is an audiovisual performance which combines some of the fundamental concepts from computation theory and artificial life with electroacoustic music composition and generative computer graphics to create an immersive digital environment. the performance is essentially an exploration of complex 3-dimensional continuous cellular automata behavior, which is translated into acoustic and visual structures and patterns while consciously maintaining and emphasizing the physical and conceptual differences between the modalities

digital technology has provided an incredible variety of opportunities for artistic exploration and has fostered a new perspective on human culture and society. it has forced scientific methods and concepts into the working process and aesthetic framework of an artist due to its very nature. the beginnings of the digital computer are inseparably connected to research into the biology of self-replication and the possibility of artificial life. the early work of most remarkably alan turing and john von neumann was essential to the way the modern world operates and the fundamental concepts based on the spectacle of biological evolution and natural selection have been integrated into every piece of digital technology with which we have surrounded ourselves. f(x) is a performance environment created to reveal some of the aspects and principles of digital technology. it is based on a concept that has only been made possible with the advent of computers - cellular automata and was born out of research into artificial self-reproduction. it is designed as a live audiovisual experiment in which the performer interacts with a world of 3-dimensional spatial functions defined analogously with the principles of cellular automata in terms of each other. the performance is seeking to reveal complex patterns of behavior, generated by relatively simple instructions and rules that would uncover some of the elusive characteristics of digital media surrounding us now in almost every situation.

this website offers a glimpse into the world of f(x). it may be not the ideal way to experience what is in its very nature an immersive multimodal environment. the environment is represented through distinct audiovisual entities or zones, each representing a uniquely characteristic compositional and computational strategy.

f(x) is developed as open source software and accesible on github.